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Pan-Latin Cuisine & Cocktails in Wicker Park


At Amaru, we share our culture, history and passion for Latin American food and warm hospitality with you. We have multinational influences from the Argentinian wine country to the seafood-abundant waters of Peru; the Amazonian jungles of Brazil to the verdant mountains of Colombia; with the diversity of Mexico and the spirit of the Caribbean.


Amaru represents the revolutionary spirit of people defending themselves and their culture from oppression. Originally, the name of the last indigenous leader of the Incas, Tupac Amaru II assumed the name of his ancestor when he led a resistance against Spanish rule. His example of courage standing against injustice inspired many across the Americas and beyond.

At Amaru, we are proud to showcase our Hispanic American roots with a tour of the eclectic flavors and ingredients that encompass who we are: Latin, Caribbean and American.

We invite you to share our love of food, hospitality and culture.

This is our American dream.